GUPAP presents the results of a policy paper on the rights of women farmers

GUPAP in cooperation with the Center for Women’s Affairs held a workshop to present the results of the policy paper on the rights of women farmers in the Gaza Strip and to discuss future interventions for the reality of rural women. This paper is part of the project “Facilitating the development of urban and peri-urban agriculture for the local market in the Gaza Strip” in cooperation with Oxfam and Rawaf Foundation.

Gerneral Coordinator of GUPAP Ahmed Sourani opened  praised the role played by the Forum to create agricultural policies that promote resilience and sustainability, stressing that a rights-based approach to development requires adopting strategies for influencing policy and advocacy. Said Abu-Jalaa detailed presentation of the results of the policy paper explaining the reality of the land in the Gaza Strip and the state of the agricultural sector in addition to presenting detailed figures showing the percentage of women’s participation in agriculture, while addressing the problems and difficulties facing women farmers.
Participants concluded the workshop by discussing the results and presenting their views and observations on the subject. They presented suggestions to improve the situation of women farmers. They called for the formation of a committee aimed at influencing the policies related to the rights of women farmers in the Gaza Strip.


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