The Gaza Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Platform- GUPAP, launched in 2013, consists of a multi-stakeholder, interactive and participatory forum that brings together key actors involved in the development of a resilient Palestinian agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip. GUPAP is currently made up of about 80 members, including national and local government Institutions; Non-Governmental Civil Institutions; women organizations/cooperatives & activists, the Private Sector; Research and Educational Institutions; Micro-Finance Institutions, Urban Women Agripreneurs & Value Chain Forums.

From 2013-2017, GUPAP facilitated and temporarily hosted by Oxfam-RUAF project and PNGO;


https://policy-practice.oxfam.org.uk/publications/enhancing-market-oriented-urban-agriculture-in-the-gaza-strip-networking-for-po-620124; http://wee.oxfam.org/mapping/Gaza-urban-peri-urban-agriculture;

http://www.ruaf.org/news/gupap-supports-national-policies-protect-national-products .