Guiding Values and Principles

The GUPAP seeks govern its performance by the following set of values and principles:

  • Respect and observe the culture, experiences and knowledge of the participating organisations and communities; strengthening them through building on their strengths; facilitate spaces of interaction and cooperation and exchange of experiences at the national, regional and international levels in a way that does not conflict with the development interests of the Palestinian people.
  • Independence, professionalism and openness.
  • Strong interaction with the beneficiaries of agricultural sector services (smallholder producers and value chain actors) and improve the quality of services provided to them.
  • Respect the current laws and regulations and work within the local and national environment to serve the Palestinian community.
  • Strong belief in the leadership role of women and promoting gender mainstreaming in all aspects of the GUPAP work.
  • Justice and equal opportunities.
  • Management characterised by participation and teamwork.
  • Transparency, integrity, cost sharing and joint accountability.
  • Outstanding performance, innovation and entrepreneurship.