Urban Agriculture

A strategy to enhance resilience & innovation of urban women agripreneurs in Gaza Strip

During the project period, GUPAP successfully targeted new vulnerable groups of urban women agripreneurs and CBOs while implementing project activities in the wake of  the global COVID-19 pandemic; hence GUPAP team held a meeting to adjust the action plan according to the emerging challenges, where a set of key activities and interventions had been implemented like; participatory needs assessment meetings, online participatory capacity building sessions, policy dialogues meetings and influence campaign to advocate rights of women agripreneurs, technical coaching/consultancy to support marketability of women’s products, in addition to the support and facilitate  10 community-led initiatives came up from member women CBOs/cooperatives of GUPAP including the Urban Women Agripreneurs Forum UWAF , besides continue implementing GUPAP’s usual core program activities.


Activity 1.1: Institutional capacity building sessions in crisis conditions for GUPAP members.

  • Conduct participatory organizational needs assessment meetings and interviews to meet basic needs of GUPAP member’s organizations.
  • Provide Six capacity building sessions (36 hours), through virtual and safe meetings by zoom Technique, with GUPAP members (mainly from farmer women CBOs, cooperatives, and local forums), who confronts severe institutional & organizational vulnerabilities
  • Develop initiatives by participants and select the best 10 innovative initiatives
  • Provide 3 coaching sessions for each selected participant on the development of their advocacy initiatives.
  • Provide US$1,000 grant for each organization (in-kind granting) to facilitate the implementation of the selected advocacy initiatives.
  • Conduct field visits to all the granted CBOs/ cooperative to ensure the imitative implementation as agreed on.

Activity 1.2: Capacity building sessions, marketing and on job coaching in crisis conditions for Urban Women Agripreneurs Forum (UWAF)

  • Conduct participatory market assessment safe meetings and interviews to better serve objectives of UWAF.
  • Conduct 30 hours over 5days on “Learning & Action” capacity building sessions based on principles and approaches of work in crisis for 31 members of Urban Women Agripreneurs Forum (UWAF); the training was conducted   through virtual spaces by zoom techniques to consolidate the organizational and technical capacities of UWAF.
  • Provide each of the 31 agripreneurs with a charged SIM card for their smart mobile phone for 3 months to facilitate their safe market communications/calls, internet access, communication between UWAF & GUPAP, joint capacity building Zoom/WhatsApp sessions/meeting with local consultants, members exchange and COVID-19 messaging awareness texts, to enhance women enterprises of UWAF performance under COVID-19 crises
  • Marketing selling and buying different goods/ agricultural materials by women agripreneurs. The movement/ safe transportation for 31 women agripreneurs under COVID-19 crisis were facilitated through booking a package of taxi ride trips for each for 3 months by Careem Co. (MENA’s #1 car booking app for a safe, reliable and affordable rides).
  • Updating detail Database sheet for UWAF members.
  • Establishing a WhatsApp group for UWAF coordination committee to facilitate meetings, share of information, networking, health messages and discuss projects activities.
  • Establishing a WhatsApp group for all 31 UWAF members facilitate meetings, share of information, networking, health messages and discuss projects activities.
  • Establishing UWAF Google Group to Organize meetings, host discussions, make plans with the members, share and exchange. “Stay Safe and Well-connected”
  • Coordinate with Palestinian Midical Relief Society through distributed 15 hygiene kits for 15 women agripreneurs of UWAF.
  • Facilitating review and develope UWAF strategic framework for 3 years (2020-2022) through holding several interactive and dialogue meetings with the UWAF members to reflect the vision and goal of the forum over the coming years.
  • Implementation of 186 hours on (job safe technical coaching and direct support and networking) on marketing of local products of UWAF members (6 hours’ x 31 women agripreneurs).
  • Select UWAF as a local forum within the best 10 innovative initiatives to implement its led community initiatives.


February 2020– July 2020

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Urban Women Agripreneurs Forum (UWAF)

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