Holding a zoom workshop for GUPAP members and friends to identify needs and skills

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Within the project “Urban Agriculture, a strategy to enhance resilience & innovation of urban women agripreneurs in Gaza Strip “, GUPAP held a workshop for GUPAP members and friends o to identify needs and skills.
Where 23 grassroots and cooperative societies, local forums and community committees participated in the workshop, during which they exchanged experiences and benefits and came up with recommendations for the implementation of a participatory capacity building program to enhance the institutional resilience of members, and then come up with initiatives led by civil society through lobbying and advocacy to enhance the resilience of the agricultural sector in light of the Covid crisis. 19 (Coronavirus).
The forum will support the top 10 initiatives with a value of $ 1,000 for each initiative to facilitate the implementation of the initiative and enhance the resilience of agricultural entrepreneurship.