Gaza Urban Agriculture Platform (GUPAP) elects its new Board of Directors for the years (2019/2021)

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GUPAP conducted its new BoD elections for 2019/2021 on Wednesday, 27, March 2019, in the presence of the members of the General Assembly and the representatives from Ministry of Interior.

The meeting was opened by the former chairman of the BoD, Eng. Mr. Riyd Genina.

The Agenda was reviewed and approved as following:

  • Presenting, discussing and approving GUPAP’s administrative and financial reports for 2018.
  • Approval of the Asseal for Accounting and Auditing as a legal auditor of the Association.
  • Electing the new Board of Directors  by acclamation and it is composed of seven members.

The General Assembly members expressed their appreciation for efforts done by previous BoD and GUPAP’s team,

The following names were elected by acclamation:

  1. Riyad Nada Hassan Junainah,                                  BoD Chairman.
  2. Mona Ghazi Adel Al-Alami ,                                      Vice-Chairman.
  3. Maher Tayseer Subhi Al-Tabbaa,                              Secretary
  4. Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Bakri,      Treasurer
  5. Inaam Ismail Kassem Hellas,                                     Member
  6. Masoud Salama Shteiwi Qeshta,                                Member
  7. Jaber Sulaiman Salman Qudeeh ,                              Member

For his part, Mr. Riad Genina, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his thanks to the members of the General Assembly for giving his confidence to the new elected board.