Gaza Urban Agriculture Forum implements Recreational, Recovery, and Psychosocial Interactive Support for UWAF Members

14 August 2021

The Gaza Urban Agriculture Forum implemented an entertaining and educational day on Saturday 14/8/2021 with the participation of 120 female entrepreneurs from the UWAF Forum in partnership with MADRE
The women entrepreneurs spent a day full of fun, playing, learning and exchanging experiences by facilitating the forum team, in addition to the participation and attendance of Dr. Yasser Abu Jameh, Director of the Gaza Mental Health Program, on “Strategies for Dealing with Psychological and Social Stress in Times of Crisis”
This event aims to enhance the resilience and sustainability of women’s pioneering agricultural projects for the forum’s members in the face of harsh economic and social conditions in light of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for nearly 15 years, the Corona pandemic, and the recent brutal aggression that caused huge losses and unprecedented damage to the agricultural sector.
This event comes as a continuation of the role and activities of the Forum in embracing the Urban Agriculture Pioneers Forum, building the capacities of its members, influencing policies, lobbying and advocating towards pioneering work that enhances voice, resilience, rights and sovereignty over food in Palestine.
In light of the marginalization suffered by the women’s entrepreneurial sector, the Gaza Urban Agriculture Forum seeks to transform these interventions into a sustainable program based on a set of strategic interventions: Strengthening the role and voice of women entrepreneurs in the Urban Agriculture Entrepreneurs Forum, which was established and hosted by the Gaza Urban Agriculture Forum, and activating the role of women entrepreneurs in influencing Advocating for their rights and exchanging experiences and knowledge at the local, regional and global levels