Dairy Value Chain Platform

Dairy Value Chain Platform have been established to facilitate and enhance coordination and networking between and among value chain actors, including input suppliers, farmers, traders, food processors, wholesalers and retailers, consumers; research and extension, government officials and financial institutions. The members come together to diagnose problems and bottlenecks in the chain, identify opportunities and find ways to achieve their goals and make the chain more profitable and efficient.

Through quarterly meetings the various Platform actors meet to design and implement activities as a platform, or coordinate activities by individual members.

Enhanced coordination among small scale producers and processors serves to spur demand for high quality fresh produce from processors and to improve the delivery of quality service and extension service to all value chain actors.

Capacity building is a key component of the VC platform meetings and includes engaging in constructive dialogue, negotiation, joint decision-making and conflict resolution or covering technical aspects like use of solar energy for cold storage – as done in the first VC meetings – or organizing consumer awareness campaigns – as done in the second meeting.