Origins of GUPAP

The GUPAP launched in 2013, fulfilling the need for a multi-stakeholder, interactive and participatory forum that brings together all key actors involved in the development of a resilient Palestinian urban agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip. The GUPAP’s vision is aligned with a broader vision of supporting a more resilient agricultural sector that seeks to contribute to Gaza being more food secure, less dependent and vulnerable, and with its population having improved access to sustainable jobs and income, improved livelihoods and a safer environment.

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Studies & Researches
  • Policy Paper About The Rights of Women Farmers in the Gaza Strip

    Palestinian agriculture is not only an economic activity and a source of income, but a major contribution to the protection of land from confiscation, food security, employment opportunities for 11.5% of the workforce, of whom 23.7% are women. Contributing 5.6% to GDP and 21% to total exports …

  • Fertilization of palm trees

    Fertilization is one of the important agricultural processes to complete the life cycle of plants and supply the plant with all the nutrients necessary for growth. The palm tree needs the balanced nutrients to grow well and increase its fruits and improve its quality and indicate the malnutrition of palm trees with yellow palms and the small number and small size, Fruits …..

Exchange & Cooperation